Sunday, December 25, 2016

Public Release 2.0


Time is come to set new Release tag to master branch. 20 months passed since the first major public release. List of improvements made since that time is huge. Thus this new release gets new major version. Some statistics: since previous public release
* 690 commits to master
* closed over 450 various issues

Fixes in combiner, blender, texture loading, frame buffer emulation eliminated graphics issues, which plagued N64 emulation since the beginning and until recently required use of software rendering for correct emulation. Of course, hundreds of GLideN64 own bugs was squashed on the way. Detailed information about new features of this release can be found in my New Public Release articles.

Public release 1.0 took 8 month of my hard full-time work. It became possible as result of successful crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

Now I 'm working on the project as on my hobby, in my spare time. New major release took 20 months. It could take much more, but now I am not working alone. The project currently has 28 contributors.
My special thanks to:
  • purplemarshmallow: frame buffer emulation improvments, general fixes
  • Francisco Zurita aka fzurita: support of Android port, GLES fixes, general fixes
  • Logan McNaughton aka loganmc10: support of Raspberry Pi port, general fixes
  • Ryan Rosser aka Aquatakat: GUI design
  • matthewharvey: code cleanup and optimization
  • Gilles Siberlin aka Gillou68310: ucode decoding, general fixes
  • AmbientMalice: ini cleanup
Very special thanks to Sergey Povalihin aka angrylion for explanations of various aspects of RDP work. His advices helped me to fix many tricky issues.

Also, my thanks to all users of https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64. Your bug reports and feedback greatly help us to improve quality of the program.

Speaking of quality: we still have over 200 open issues. Not all of them are bug reports. Feature requests and suggestions are in that list too. Nevertheless, list of known issues is still large. There are games, which are not supported at all. The work will continue.

Internalization: at this moment only two translations are up to date:

  • Spanish, thanks to Víctor "IlDucci"
  • French, thanks to baptiste0602

Other translation files built from translations for previous release, so lots of text left untranslated.


Of course, donations are welcome.

However, there is a problem.
I'm living in Russia and has Russian PayPal account. This account is very limited. I can pay with it, but I can not get money transfers or donations. I did not find another convenient and legal way for donations in foreign currency.

Update: Russian user told me that PayPal is actually a valid option for international donations. Test money transfer proved that it works. I created paypal.me page for convenient transfer:

Also, I have Yandex Money account for transfers in Rubles, see the form on the top.